The EnCore Group is comprised of three dedicated aerospace companies, working together to redefine passenger experiences.

EnCore Interiors


EnCore Interiors is a full floor-to-floor design, manufacturing, and certification company, offering just about anything that passengers see on the interior of an aircraft- from galleys, lavatories, class dividers, closets, front row monuments, flooring and enhanced passenger experience products. Whether retrofitting components that have undergone years of wear, or engineering products from the ground up, we provide solutions to fit every problem.

EnCore Interiors have developed a reputation among our commercial airline clients for creating superior products that are delivered on time with top quality results. We are the only supplier in the MAX 737 Catalog that is Boeing Gold both in Quality and Delivery, and most of our customers have been doing business with us for over 25 years.

EnCore Interiors has facilities located in Huntington Beach, California and Seal Beach, California.

LIFT by EnCore

Located in Huntington Beach, California, LIFT by EnCore is committed to developing the future of commercial aircraft seating. With a focus on revolutionizing the industry by delivering a quality product with on-time results, we are quickly making a name for ourselves in a market that craves proven performance. Our 737 Tourist Class Seating entered into service with our launch customer, less than two years after announcing a SFE collaboration with Boeing. This venture was the first of its kind, and we are now creating the only seats optimized for 737 and 787 economy cabins. We have recently begun collaborating with Adient Aerospace supplying them with technical expertise and world class products for their seating solutions.  

EnCore International

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

EnCore International is a multi-process facility located in Tijuana, Mexico with a full complement of capabilities and new manufacturing technologies. Within the first year of opening, the facility established fully capable operation of lay up, crush core, a paint booth, a decorative application booth, CNC machining and an expansive 30,000 sq ft of assembly area. In that time, EnCore International also achieved all required qualifications and approvals to become a Boeing Approved Supplier. EnCore International supports the EnCore group and also supplies integrated 777 and 787 interior components directly to Boeing.