EnCore is a group of three dedicated aerospace companies, each with its own specific focus, working together to create superior products and unique customer experiences.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

EnCore Interiors

Located in Huntington Beach, CA, EnCore Interiors is a full floor-to-floor design, manufacturing, and certification company. We offer galleys, lavatories, class dividers, closets, flooring, and other components, and work on just about anything that passengers see on the interior of an aircraft.

EnCore Interiors have developed a reputation among our commercial airline clients for creating superior products that are delivered on time with top quality results. EnCore Interiors is the only supplier in the 737 MAX Catalog that is Boeing Gold both in Quality and Delivery, and most of EnCore's customers have been doing business with us for over 25 years. Whether retrofitting components that have undergone years of wear or engineering from the ground up, we put care into every step of the process and offer premium customer care throughout. The industry knows that if EnCore Interiors takes on a program, they always follow through.

LIFT by EnCore

Located in Huntington Beach, CA LIFT by EnCore is an airline seating supplier with a focus on revolutionizing the industry by delivering superior results. Building on the success of the interiors and composite structures businesses, EnCore identified a need in the seating world for a supplier who could consistently offer a quality product with on-time deliveryWhen it came time to name the new company in April 2015, the search began for a word that portrayed the positive influence that the company aspired to bring to the aircraft seating industry. Seeking to "lift" the seat industry to the next level, "LIFT by EnCore" came to be. The seat quite literally lifts the traveler on his journey, and that is exactly what we plan to do as we collaborate with our partners, our customers, and our employees. 


EnCore International

EnCore International is a facility that opened in October 2015 to support the EnCore group's growing production needs. By utilizing new manufacturing technologies, EnCore International is able to work fluidly with the other companies in the group to offer support and expedite production. And the growth continues. Within the first year, the facility established fully capable operation with a 3,000 sq ft lay up room, lay up oven, three crush core presses, a paint booth, a decorative application booth, 17 CNC machines, a FARO arm, laser inspection capabilities and an expansive 30,000 sq ft of assembly area. In that time, EnCore International also achieved all required qualifications and approvals to become a Boeing Approved Vendor, and today has the capability to produce fully completed commodities from raw material in a cost competitive environment.