LIFT Innovation

Anyone can design, but not everyone can certify. We now have the advantage of being able to show the concept, design, and then test all under the same roof.

Dynamic Sled Testing

On-time delivery is one of our top priorities, so building a 16g Dynamic Sled at our facility was a logical investment. With Seattle Safety's accelerator ServoSled, the test reaches 16g in less than 1/10 second. The necessary data is collected for analysis by high speed, high G video cameras capable of capturing 2000 fps. To support these kinds of loads, the sled sits on a concrete reaction block 5' deep with shear lugs over 8' deep (1 million lbs total system weight). With the ability to plan the when, the how, and the frequency of our 16g tests, it allows us to meet deadlines without having to test through a third-party facility. 

Prototyping Center

Our production capable Stratasys 450mc prototyping machine prints in a variety of materials including FST compliant Ultem. With a quick one-day turn around, having a prototyping center in-house, allows our engineers the ability to check parts for fit and functionality during the design process. And while our prototyping center is part of what gives LIFT an edge, it is often shared and utilized by the other companies within EnCore's group of companies.

Flammability Lab

Capture 6.PNG

Possessing an in-house flammability lab allows LIFT to conduct fire tests listed in the scope of accreditation on materials and components used in our products. Our lab is capable of 28.853(a), 25.853(d), Bunsen Burner, Heat Release, and Smoke Density flammability testing. It also supports TSO C127b and installation requirements.