LIFT Heritage

We are a relatively young company, but our heritage goes back 45 years.

Over that time, we have designed and manufactured interior products for nearly every commercial aircraft - from seats to galleys, lavatories, sidewalls, ceilings and more. By combining the legacy of EnCore with a new product development team, averaging nearly fifteen years in aircraft seat design, we have created a seat that is redefining the narrative in economy class seating.

Jim Downey founded C&D Aerospace in 1972, growing the organization organically to a multinational, 4,000 employee, $400 million enterprise before selling the business in 2005. The other half of the EnCore ownership, Tom McFarland, joined forces with Jim in 1986 to help build the business and remained with C&D after the sale to continue the growth path to over 5,000 employees and $650 million in sales before reuniting with Jim in 2011.

Jim and Tom joined forces to “start again” with EnCore. Since then, the EnCore Group have secured long term agreements with OEMs as well as a range of airlines. We have become a key player in the industry by building trust through repeatable, reliable performance.