Boeing 787 Dreamliner Tourist Class Seating

After the success of our first product for the 737, we were excited to expand Tourist Class Seating. An economy seat for the iconic 787 Dreamliner was next. So we set out to develop a specialized product -- a seat that would meet the long-haul passenger's unique needs, while continuing to deliver our standard of reliability, maintainability, and cost efficiency.

 For inspiration, we looked to the comforts of home.

Our warm materials build an emotion of domestic comfort; and surfaces are soft and inviting, much like the inherent feeling of peace found in a cozy living room. Each seat creates an individualized experience to make passengers feel secure, at-ease, and at home in their seat.

Comfort Through Innovation

We looked to sports apparel for materials inspiration, and challenged ourselves to develop new weaving techniques that would enhance comfort. The result is a unique technology that boosts the fabric's breathability without hindering durability.

We also designed a new method of recline that allows for relation into a cradling position. We conducted extensive ergonomic testing to ensure that our recline is optimized for maximum comfort.

Seatback Configuration

Our seatback is in touch with people and their minute behavioral patterns. Like a bookshelf in a passenger's living room, the stowage is designed for personal organization, making them feel at ease, and at home. Movements and placements feel natural, and all of their belongings have a place specifically designed to meet their intuition.

The Individualized Home Theater

Configured for variety, our seat back offers a unique entertainment experience. The backlit IFE screen has been reimagined to resemble a sleek home theater experience, and with a secondary space for a Personal Electronic Device, a multiple screen experience becomes possible. 

When fully deployed, a coat hook provides a convenient space for headphones, and a sliding meal tray is perfectly positioned for work or dining.

Trim and Finish

A palette of warm and cool colors has been designed to work perfectly with Boeing's advanced LED lighting, enabling the seat to effortlessly bridge your brand with the Boeing Sky Interior.